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Wallonia is full of great assets, but needs you to make them known! By communicating our region's strengths, we'll be able to increase its appeal. Are you from Wallonia and does your activity have international implications? Maybe you are not from Wallonia, but collaborate with the best that Wallonia has to offer in your area of work? Then why not join our network of brand ambassadors and contribute to the development of our region.


A world of openness

Wallonia is a region that is naturally open to the world, a place where languages and cultures meet. More info
What's in it for you?

What's in it for you?

Becoming a brand ambassador for is primarily an opportunity to join a network that brings people from a variety of industries together More info
Your mission

Your mission

Being a regional ambassador means, first of all, respecting and demonstrating the values of its brand. More info
A lot of cities and regions have adopted a place-branding approach.

The foundations of the brand

What is place branding ? More info
Vos avantages

CTA AMB réseau

Become an Ambassador

You are open to the world and wish to participate in the notoriety of Wallonia? Join us! Sign up


Wallonia Export Investment
Diony MWENGE –
Marie LEDRU –

Wallonia-Brussels International
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