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Les Belges Histoires | Dominique Monami, using her mind to help others

When she hit her first tennis balls at the age of 9, Dominique Monami understood that she had just discovered her passion. She decided to give it her all, devote herself to tennis and be like her idol Chris Evert. Result: in less than six months she entered the world's top 100, then reached the top 10 and, for ten years, collected trophies in singles and doubles before finishing on a high note with an Olympic medal at the Sydney Olympics and ending her career.

The story could end there, except that behind all these successes and achieved goals are motivation and strength of character - because it takes courage to decide, at the height of your glory, to end a sports career that no longer brings you the satisfaction you hoped for. 

Meaning is what motivates Dominique Monami and is also what explains why she decided to become a coach, first in sports, then in business, to enable others to add meaning to their lives, by setting their goals and managing their stress as well as their energy. Just like champions do. 

She has no shortage of energy; it is even her area of expertise, and she has just written a book on the subject (Boostez votre énergie, Édition Kennes). But while she explains to her clients how to manage theirs, she also uses hers in other fields... and runs various activities in the world of sports. 

Appointed Vice President of the Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee (COIB) in 2021, Dominique Monami has also organised and directed various tournaments. She is also active in the French-speaking parasports league and she puts her tennis expertise to work spectators by commentating on international tournaments on VOOsport World.

In short, whether you are a champion or a coach, there is a rewarding and satisfying life outside ATP tournaments. Dominique Monami demonstrates this every day.


With the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and Wallonia-Brussels International 


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