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Les Belges Histoires | Typh Barrow, the singer who didn't like her voice

Typh Barrow | Les Belges Histoires

Typh Barrow knew she wanted to be a singer when she heard Stevie Wonder's "Master Blaster". Unfortunately, the reference singer at the time was Céline Dion, and little Tiffany with her unusual voice had doubts. It didn't matter, as armed with her piano theory, the young Brussels musician composed and played in piano bars, an experience that would always serve her well.
In 2003, she met François Leboutte, who was deeply moved by her. The emotion he felt led him to help the young Tiffany become Typh Barrow. A manager, artistic director and producer, François pushed and protected her with friendship and respect. The road was long, with the artist working tenaciously on both her law studies (completed in 2009) and her passion. She released her first single in 2012. As she was beginning to make a name for herself, her voice betrayed her. The obligation to remain silent to avoid an operation became an opportunity to reflect, to settle down... A moment of introspection which would not harm the singer-songwriter who draws her inspiration from all her experiences.
In 2013, on YouTube, she blew everyone out of the water with her inspired covers, such as "Gangsta's Paradise", hailed by Coolio as the best cover of his hit. Typh Barrow's name and voice were beginning to resonate in Belgium and internationally. Her 2018 album "Raw" confirmed her talent: her concerts sold out and the album went gold, she sang a duet with Maurane (one of her dreams) and joined her friend BJ Scott on The Voice Belgium team.
Artist of the year at the Octaves de la Musique in 2019, in 2020 she released the album "Aloha", which was an immediate success. However, Typh Barrow still had a few dreams to fulfil, one of which she would achieve in 2022, namely singing at Forest National. This was a great moment for someone who didn't like her voice, and there are bound to be more.



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