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Les Belges Histoires | Zafi Cycles, a unique setting in the heart of the Sonian Forest

Zafi Cycles | Les Belges Histoires

"Forget that you haven't got a chance and just go for it" is one of Simon Malvaux's favourite phrases; he is one of the three entrepreneurs in the young start-up Zafi Cycles. 
Set up just this year thanks to a crowdfunding project, Zafi Cycles found its investors in only a few months: cycling and sustainable development enthusiasts.

Their bikes are beautiful, it goes without saying, "touch wood" and for good reason! The frame is made of either ash or walnut, depending on the customer's choice, but always from the Sonian Forest. "The bike promotes soft mobility, it doesn't make any sense to go and buy one from the other side of the world". As you can see, Zafi Cycles is about much more than just designer bicycles: it is a sustainable and ethical project.

Passionate about bicycles, the engineers Simon, Johan and Loïc managed at the beginning of the year to convince 10 investors to order a Zafi bicycle (named after the Malagasy people, the Zafimaniry, who specialise in woodworking). This smart "gravel" bike (all terrain) also boasts some nice technical features: wood absorbs vibrations much better than traditional materials and the "Zafi" passed the ISO tests with flying colours. In fact, Giorgio Fouarge is riding a "Zafi" bicycle around the world, which shows great trust in the work done and a good visiting card for the little company.

The concept is popular, and so orders are pouring in even though Zafi Cycles are not cheap. The cost is justified by Simon Malvaux's desire to keep on growing while remaining aligned with its values: well-managed local products (via Sonian Wood Coop, which ensures the sustainable management of the Sonian Forest), fair wages for all those involved in the chain and a craftsman's approach that meets the needs of the customer. Proof that it is possible to create innovative and sustainable projects in ecological, ethical and economic terms without having to reinvent the wheel!

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