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The new issue of the spring WAB magazine is out !

We often describe our beautiful Wallonia as the land of innovation, proudly highlighting its progress in biotech, information and communication technology and in tomorrow’s industries. But did you know that Wallonia also offers unparalleled creativity in terms of logistics, and the reuse of industrial areas?

Here, innovation goes hand in hand with tradition, in a smart and sustainable way. Diane Govaerts, CEO of Ziegler, was made Manager of the Year because she successfully demonstrated that it is possible to combine yesterday’s modes of transport with those of tomorrow. And Etienne Bouillon’s whisky was ranked as the 5th best in the world because he uses proven methods to achieve fair and sustainable targets.

The integration of new generations, whether human or machine, is this vital thread that connects the past to the future and that helps build a Wallonia for those who work for it, as well as for those who will work for it. This is proven by the French group Safran’s investment in Marchin’s former sheet metal factory sites, where it is aiming to build a much greener future. Similarly, Eternum is relying on traditional manufacturing techniques to produce cutlery with some of the most modernistic designs, while Pairi Daiza and Revatis are succeeding in revitalising endangered species thanks to their stem cell technologies.

But that is not all! The Las Vegas CES has welcomed and praised our most dynamic digital enterprises, commending O-Boy and MinTT, while the gaming industry, with the help of Revomon, is raking in cryptocurrency from Dubai.

This strength, highlighted throughout this edition of the magazine, is the fruit of Walloon creativity, transcending borders and combining innovation, tradition and transition. This strength will bring a better tomorrow that will benefit everyone.

If you want to subscribe freely to WAB magazine, please send an email to Marie-Catherine Duchêne (Wallonia Export&Investment Agency)

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